I was born in 1937 in a small town along the Ohio River. Belpre was founded in 1789 as the second permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory. It was surveyed in 1788 as Belle-Prairie, French for beautiful meadow. Near-by was Blennerhassett Island, the home of the Scottish Immigrant, Harmon Blennerhassett. Located on the flatboat route from the Allegheny river to the Mighty Mississippi, the Blennerhassett home was well know for lavish parties, music and fine food. A chance meeting with Aaron Burr, the 3rd vice president of the United States led to Harmon becoming involved in the attempt to start a war with the Spanish. He was arrested and eventually found not guilty, therefore selling his home and moved his family to Canada.

Exploring this Island and surrounding hills and valleys along the river gave me an appreciation of nature, which is instilled in my blood to this day. Too young at the time to understand the perils of WW2, I was, in my own way, living the life of Huckleberry Finn. Springtime was always welcomed after the cold of winter. It was a time for flying kites, looking for 4 leaf clovers and a general warming of the soul as well as the warming of the soil.

After high school and four years in the USAF, I started in a computer career with the Department of Defense, eventually retiring in 1997 after nearly 40 years Federal service. Having returned to a single lifestyle I decided to try to reinstate my passion of adventure by traveling and photographing the experience. Adhearing to my belief that the only things you see on the freeways are the rear ends of semi trucks, I take any other alternate route available. I may wander in the desert or climb a mountain just to see what there is to see. To me, this is enjoyment of nature in its fullest.

I love photographing flowers and landscape scenes, but have recently become a little more involved in including event and portrait photography. I also present slide shows at nursing homes and retirement centers. or any other venue that welcomes a program of diverse and interesting photography (references are available).

Some of my Photographs are available in the Honey Grove Botanical shop on Mill St. in downtown Gahanna, Ohio.

I sell prints, framed Photographs and recently have developed a unique way to display a photograph on hard foamcore substrate, ready for hanging and very economical.

If you see anything of interest when perusing my galleries or if you wish to hire me for a special event or photo shoot, just click on the “contact me” and send me an e-mail or call me at (614)580-9445. My web site is www.photosbycarroll.com for those of you that are reading this bio elsewhere than on the web. I do not have a studio as all of my photography is done as “On Location Photography”. Rates are based on each specific shoot. Normally I offer a shoot for $75.00 within the Metro Columbus area. This would last around 1 hour and I provide you with Cd's of all the photos for you to select and print. I also will do printing for you if you desire. I also have access to a studio if desired, studio fees would apply. Also available is Pet Photography and High quality Pictures of your home which can be a framed centerpiece. I also can record the interiors and provide prints and a disc for insurance records.

Satisfaction comes first and I look forward to hearing from you.

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